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12x24 ATV Mini Barn Cabin
12x24 ATV Mini Barn Cabin

Material List:

- 2x6 Supported Flooring on RR Ties
- Studs and Trusses 16" O.C.
- Metal Roofing
- Generator Storage for Temp. Power
- ATV Garage
- Paint
- At Least 4 Windows
- Actual stairs going to loft, just like a home
- Caulked Seams for Moisture Protection.
- Exterior Metal Door for Extra Security
Our Cabins are assembled in our warehouse, then sent directly to your home to complete assembly within 2 - 3 days. 

Job will not be billed to owner until job is fully complete and satisfied by owner.  

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12x24 ATV Mini Barn Cabin for 


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