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Our Products
Barn Shed Kits
Our Barn Shed Kits are the most popular 
shed kits we sell. The main reason why so 
many love these types of shed kits are that 
they are extremely spacious. 

Not only do you have 8 feet of wall space on 
the first floor, but you have 6 more feet of 
head room from the floor of the loft to the 
peak. That is 14 feet in total height. 

We welcome you to check out these 
incredibly spacious shed kits that can store 
and support anything you need for many years 
to come.

Standard Barn Kits Include:

  Smart Siding
  Kit will be primed and ready for paint.
  Precut Trim that is Primed
  4' Double door on 8' wide Sheds
  6' Double door on 10', 12', 14' & 16' wide Sheds
  Door Latch
  7/16 OSB Sheeting
  One Window
  All nails & screws included

  16" on center 2x4 framed walls 
  8' high side walls
  16" on center 2x4 trusses
  5/8" plywood floor (optional floor kit)
  16" on center 2x4 Treated floor joists (optional floor kit)
  8' wide buildings have 2 treated 4x4 skids
  10' & 12' wide sheds have 4 pressure treated 4x4 skids
  2 vents

(Floor is sold separately in case you are building on a cement slab, also shingles are sold separately if you wish to get your own custom shingles to match your home)

Save $130-$240 if you get shingles and a wood foundation with your shed kit.

​Click below to sell all details about the following Barn Shed Kit Sizes
Panelized Kits:
Shed comes in large 4x8 panelized sections. This makes it easier for any type of experienced builder to assemble a shed kit within a day or two. This would cost more to deliver, but these panelized kits will help you be confident to know the shed will be easily built correctly.

Pre-Cut Kits:
For those who are more experienced at building, you will need to assemble all pre-cut pieces into sections and then put the sections together. This takes a few more steps but will save you a whole lot more money due to shipping costs 
Do I need a Floor Kit?
If you already have a cement slab, then you will not need a floor kit. Also, if you wish to build the floor kit yourself that can save you a whole lot more money as well. We will include floor plan instruction with your shed kit so you can build your own wood floor if you do not wish to purchase it from us.  

Shipping Information:
Your shed will be shipped by freight directly to your home. But if you wish to save money, we also have an option for you to save $75-$150 on freight cost if you pick your shed up at one of the nearby freight distribution centers. 


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