Custom Chicken Coops
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You get us a shed or cabin job, you earn $100 commision
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You get us a shed or cabin job, you earn $100 commision

Build a Chicken Coop

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Custom Chicken Coops
Custom Chicken Coops
Custom Chicken Coops
Custom Chicken Coops
Custom Chicken Coops
Back Country Toy Pickup Truck
This is a Traditional Style pickup truck made to give your child the traditional look and feel of the old country life. 
Truck includes rotating wheels, paint, hand crafted solid wood and much much more.
Old Vintage Style Fire Truck
Remember the old fire trucks that look so simple but still fulfills its purpose to out any fires it may encounter. 
Your child is invited to join the fire crew and become a hero with this vintage style fire truck.
Police Patrol Car
Take a bite out of crime by chasing the bad guys if it be a bank robbery, or a highway chase, your police patrol car is fit for the job. 
Start your adventures today with our solid hand crafted patrol car ready to catch the bad guys.

Vintage Style Semi Truck Toy Hauler
If it be blocks, toy cars, or army men; this toy hauler is ready to take the challenge to help haul your toys to whatever destination needed.
Toy hauler includes paint, spinning wheels and spacious cargo hauler. 

Logging Truck
If it be Lincoln Logs or little branches, this logging truck is ready for the job.
This logging truck includes original features needed to stack an handle small pieces of wood.
Motor Grader
Now you can start excavating your own roads that are needed to get your new toy cars from point A to point B. 
This motor grader is setup to scrape sand and light dirt with its large blade. 
Front Loader
Not only can you grade sand and dirt with your motor grader, but you can have this front loader assist in your excavation work.
This loader bucket can move up and down with moving wheels. 

Vintage Style Army Tank
Because our vintage style wooden toys tough, but they deserve to have a tough tank that is ready to fight for our freedom. 
Tank includes camouflage paint, moving wheels and three guns.

Army Hummer
What's a set of wooden army toys without a hummer. This popular hummer is one of the greatest assets needed to protect our solders. 
Hummer includes camouflage paint and moving wheels.
Army Ground Transport
Not only Hummers are a great vehicle transport for our brave solders, but we need larger vehicles such as this one to transport more soldiers with more protection. 
US Coast Guard Rescue Ship
When there is someone lost at sea, the US Coast Guard is there to come to the rescue. 
This boat comes with everything needed to deploy a rescue team such as the helicopter, two speed boats, and a crane. 

US Navy Battleship
When danger comes ahead in the ocean waters, it is up to you to command a large crew to strategically protect the American ocean waters.

USS Monitor
Launched since 1862 and ready to go to battle to its rival CSS Virginia. This ship will not only only give your child more fun in their play time, but it will give them a piece of history.
CSS Virginia 
Launched since 1862 to battle against USS Monitor. This confederate ship has its own unique features such as its larger raised cannon platform. Now your child can experiencea great piece of history.
Small Toy Helicopter 
This small helicopter is simply built for any child to enjoy flying high in the skies to explore and find adventure. 
Give your child something to explore.
Small Toy Airplane
Now you can take off and land to whatever destination you can imagine to explore with this high flying hand crafted plane. 
Space Ship
If you are looking to not only explore what is on earth, but to explore the outer realms of space, than this neat little space craft is ready to lift off and launch to your next destination.

Wooden Guillotine for Diorama
This has been a high demanding product due to how unique and historical it is. 
May not be good for you children, but is an item that may be fun to have on display. 
School Bus
This vintage style school bus is built as the older style of toy cars in the 1950's such as this 1950's school bus replica.

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